Creatives, Planners, Coordinators
Who we are

We are a team fascinated by people, stories and experiences.
Always ready to get involved, discover new possibilities and design innovative ideas.
We organise events, create meetings and stage ideas.

For more than 10 years, EventsDesigner has been combining creativity with reliability and, thanks to a wealth of experience and an established network of partners, creating events to remember.

We are a small team that creates big moments.

Nicole Pandiscia-Hasler

Founder, Management

20 years of professional challenges in the world of tourism and LiveCom prompted me to found my own agency in 2011. It was the best decision! Every day I have the opportunity to face and live new goals with energy and passion.
What makes my agency strong is my team. Each of us brings special skills and together we find the right solutions for the perfect event!

“Paths are built by travelling”
Franz Kafka

Antonio Pandiscia

Accounting, Logistic

I have always worked in sales and this has led me to always be in contact with people, some techniques you can learn, some you can hone, but making people happy with your work is something you have to have inside and be able to convey.

“Whatever creativity is, it is a part of solving the problem”
Brian Wilson Aldiss

Alessia Fretta

Graphic Design, Visual Communication

I have proudly been a member of the EventsDesigner team for 10 years and am responsible for moodboard creation, graphics and design. I passionately create realistic 3D renderings that give a detailed vision of what the event will look like. My goal is to translate our customers' ideas and needs into innovative and appealing visual solutions.
Working in the event business for me is a source of continuous growth and inspiration.

"Creativity is contagious. Do it in a way that infects others."
Albert Einstein

Valentina Mascioni

Conception, Organisation

I am charmed by people and encounters, because everyone brings with them new stories, emotions and different points of view. My enthusiasm for learning new things and my creativity, having an artistic background behind me, have driven me to interface with the world of events. For me, creating meetings means creating unforgettable and inspiring experiences. I am passionate about creative design ideas, supplier relations and social media.

“What you see depends on how you look. Because observing is not only a receiving, an unveiling, but at the same time a creative act.”
Søren Kierkegaard